11 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The Most Underrated State

August 10, 2018

From bouquets of baked flowers to five-pound milkshakes, these are 11 reasons why New Jersey is the most underrated state.

For more information on the places (featured in chronological order), visit:
Baked Bouquet: https://bakedbouquet.com/
Stumpy’s Hatchet House: https://stumpyshh.com/
Tony Baloney’s: https://www.tonyboloneys.com/
Bella Salon: https://www.yelp.com/biz/bella-salon-fort-lee
Crossroad Deli: https://www.crossroadsdeliandcatering.com/
Makai Poke Co.: http://makaipokeco.com/
Sojo Spa Club: https://www.sojospaclub.com/
Buddy Who’s: https://www.buddywhos.com/
2 Chicks With Chocolate: https://2chickswithchocolate.com/
Coney Waffle: http://www.coneywaffle.com/
Iron Physical Therapy: http://www.ironphysicaltherapy.com/

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10 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why New Jersey Is The Most Underrated State

  1. Zanayah Thompson says:

    It is not underrated

  2. loear says:

    Omg i wanna live there now 😂

  3. Emma Em says:

    I make cereal pancakes at my house 😂

  4. Eva Kulic says:

    so at what time does the flight to new jersey start

  5. GarlicBread Til I'm Dead! says:

    The thumbnail is all the reason I need!

  6. Assiannn says:

    how come I live in new jersey, and never heard anything about these

  7. Madison So says:

    I live at Phil, so I can go there in no time

  8. So much So little. says:

    I live in New Jersey…

  9. Zi babies and Other stuff says:

    Actually, Missouri is the most underrated state.

  10. Ksi for President says:

    Is this me but everyone he came to watched this video lives in nj

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