ESTADOS EP06: Travel to New Jersey

September 8, 2018

Correction: 8:46. I failed to edit the text. It’s not New York. It is Virginia. Sorry!

For this episode, we ate at Jollibee and travelled to New Jersey. It was a good opportunity for me to talk about contractual workers but at that time, I was clueless about what was happening in the Philippines. I’m so sorry I lost my chance. To all viewers out there, if you are reading this.. It is true that Jollibee employees are really contractual and I am now regretting eating there. Now, we should fight with the workers to end contractualization and for Jollibee to make their crew regular.


If you’re new here.. Hey, what’s up?

This is Gwy. I make travel and lifestyle videos.


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Camera used:
G7X Mark II

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Music used:
Seenroot – Sweetheart Instrumental
While You Were Sleeping OST

12 thoughts on “ESTADOS EP06: Travel to New Jersey

  1. anne espiritu says:

    Yung dos shirt mo mamsh!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Janina Fordy says:

    Buti naman pwede madownload ngaun.

  3. Hannah Claire Gulinao says:

    12:36 New York my dream place😭….. Love you ate Gwy 😘😘

  4. Hannah Claire Gulinao says:

    8:11 bobo lang πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Shayne Chandria says:

    ang cute ng tawa mo ate gwy baket 😍

  6. Shayne Chandria says:

    ate gwy kelan uwi nyo sa pinas???

  7. Shayne Chandria says:

    ‘bobo lang’ hahahahahaha

  8. Shayne Chandria says:

    dos shirt!! 😍 bagay na bagay sayo ate.

  9. Say Quijal says:

    catholic church po ba yung pinagsimbahan niyo ate gwy?

    1. Gwy Saludes says:

      Say Quijal yess

  10. Zyra Ligutan says:

    gwy vs my oras report on english? oy multitasking, i can do both HAHSHAHAHAHA can’t wait for d next vlog!! ❀❀

    1. Gwy Saludes says:

      Zyra Ligutan acads muna!! hahahahaha

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