GIRLS TRIP TO NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK CITY | summer travel vlog 2017

August 10, 2018

So this is a little late (moving into college lol) but here it is!!! This was kind of my “senior trip” for the summer since I just graduated high school. My two best friends and I got to have an extra long weekend in New York City and even some beach days too! It was SO MUCH FUN, literally could not have been more perfect. I’m very grateful to have this experience as one of the highlights of my summer and I’m so thankful as well for my uncle Matt and a lot of Rachel’s family to let us crash at their apartments and houses. Hopefully this video is just fun to watch or gives you some travel inspiration if you are planning a trip to NJ or NYC in the near future!!!


– flew in
– NJ beach
– biggest milkshake ever at Asbury Park
– live music on the beach

– ferry to the city (and other various transportation)
– bloomingdales for free makeovers
– puppies!!
– a really cute french place for lunch (le pain quotidien)
– the modern museum of art
– the rockefller center
– times square
– nyc pizza

– the broadway show Anastasia
– grand central station
– by CHLOE for lunch (all vegan)
– washington square park
– the pier

– natural history musuem
– thai place for lunch
– dear evan hansen broadway show (LITERALLY SO AMAZING)
– top of the world trade center
– oculus train station

– natural history museum part 2 (we are nerds)
– the butchers daughter for lunch
– samsung store

– magnolia bakery (10/10 recommend)
– train ride back to new jersey
– the beach again (it was kinda cold though)
– flight back home ):

If you have any questions about things we did because you are planning a trip to NYC or NJ or you’re just curious, comment below!!!

love u all, have a wonderful day ♡ ♡ ♡

thanks for watching! xo, Marisa

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    Hi Marisa,
    What an awesome Vlog!
    Great editing skillz too. Greetings from Los Angeles
    hope to hear from you soon 😃

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    That was an amazing trip 🙂

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