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August 10, 2018

100 miles from the coast of Britain and just 14 off the coast of France is Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. Jersey is compact, making it easy to explore. Country lanes and walking trails lace the island, ensuring Jersey’s attractions are never far away.

After exploring the picture-perfect capital, St. Helier, head off to explore the island. Each of Jersey’s four coastlines has its own distinctive personality. Head eastward to La Hougue Bie, one of the world’s oldest buildings, and the port of Gorey, with its iconic medieval castle.

Be sure to take in a few sections of the North Coast Path, which offers some of the island’s most dramatic views. Then head south along the west coast to St. Ouen’s Bay, where surfers will find some of the island’s best waves and history buffs can explore the Channel Islands Military Museum. On the southern coast, don’t miss the sheltered sands of St. Brelade, the WW2 German command bunker at Noirmont Point, the tiny islet of Janvrin’s Tomb, and St. Aubin’s Fort.

While the coastline serves up Jersey’s finest views, the island’s interior offers plenty for visitors too, such as the Jersey War Tunnels, the Hamptonne Country Life Museum, the Pallot Steam and Motor Museum and the Jersey Zoo.

If you’re looking for history, adventure, incredible food, and total relaxation, Jersey weaves it all together into something truly magical. It’s not quite British and it’s not quite French, but Jersey is 100% unique.

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    Jersey seems like a truly beautiful island.

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    After watching this video, I don’t need to go to Jersey.

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    Jersey belongs to UK

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    Always brings a tear to my eyes watching Jersey videos, I was born there but not been back since 89. Can’t afford to, but the kids are under instruction that my ashes will be with family at St Brelades church….

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    It is a very unique historical island indeed , very nice for a vacation

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    nice place

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    Beautiful video and the views thanks

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    You forgot to say that it cost an at and leg to live over here in Jersey

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