Path train, from New Jersey – Newark Penn Station, to New York City – WTC Station

August 10, 2018

Como é ir de trem de Nova Jersey a Nova Iorque- estação World Trade Center – Manhattan, utilizando o Path.

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13 thoughts on “Path train, from New Jersey – Newark Penn Station, to New York City – WTC Station


    muito bom seu video. vc deu opção para um metro mais barato.

  2. Michael Harris says:

    Ahh,Newark Penn Station one of my favourite places to go located in downtown in my home sweet home Newark,NJ i remember in the year 2003 my mom and dad and i got on a PATH to New York it was cool

  3. Kevin Howard says:

    PATH follows the original PRR alignment to Exchange Place. Which is why most of the line has abandoned Catenary Structures.

  4. Trace Ford says:

    The first time I rode this it felt like the longest ride of my life going from Manhattan to J.C. I was like Damn when the hell do we get there!😡

  5. Abdul Latif says:

    Nice way of path of train

  6. Gabriel Berner says:

    Stand clear of the closing doors <3

  7. chem100 says:

    I prefer the PATH turnstiles where you insert the ticket and then take it out from the top. So much easier than the NYC Subway where you have get the swipe just right.

    1. The Andromeda says:

      Or just use the SmartLink card and just tap on the sensor. You don’t even need to take the card out of your wallet.

  8. Fantech0104 says:

    That just seems very cheap how PATH uses the MTA Metro Card as their own train ticket, but you can’t actually use the card on MTA NYC Transit like the machine says. Why would they do that? It makes no sense why you can’t use the card on both PATH and MTA if the card is marked as MTA Metro Card and not PATH only.

    1. David Thaler says:

      Fantech0104 The 2-trip card can’t be used on NY subways and buses, but PATH accepts pay-per-ride MetroCards bought from MTA

    2. Captain Chaos says:

      Because NJ needs NY, not the other way around. I’m sure it’s the agreement they came to, to settle the cost and land forfeit, for NJ train rails to burrow into NY.


    muito bommmmmmmmmmm

  10. laguna sansa says:

    where can you park your car before entering the station on NJ?

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