Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New Jersey

August 14, 2018

This video learn about top 10 tourist attractions in New Jersey. Many places that you must visit in New Jersey. Atlantic City, Ocean City, Delaware Water Gap are main attractions in New Jersey.

photo credit :
Adventure Aquarium by Charles Tilford
USS New Jersey by Peter Miller
Liberty Science Center by Eden, Janine and Jim
Liberty State Park by Shinya Suzuki
Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari by Saberwyn
Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Water Park by Vlasta Juricek
Cape May by Smallbones
Delaware Water Gap by Jim Lukach
Ocean City by Rhys A.
Atlantic City by Grant Guarino

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New Jersey

  1. Celeste Cast says:


  2. Septic Tank Pumping & Grease Trap Cleaning Pros says:

    The video never mentioned Long Island Beach…what’s UP with that?? Six Flags is in there but that’s to be expected I guess.

  3. MillerMeteor74 says:

    Parking is not free in Atlantic City unless you park a few blocks away from the boardwalk. Otherwise there are parking meters.

  4. John Ritter says:

    Taxi in New Jersey 973-539-2500.

  5. Whitney Maybelle says:

    Great video, I just moved to Moorestown in an Emerald home, and its great but I realized that I need to experience the Tourist attractions before I can really settle into the local scene, and since I have never lived/visited here before, this is just what I needed thanks.

  6. Brian Rosenberger says:

    Sculpture gardens in Hamilton?

  7. Ish Bhuiyan says:

    lol atlantic city expectations vs the shitty reality

    1. John Smith says:

      Yeah on tv and stuff it looks like a mini vegas but really it’s all shit even the casinos are dirty

  8. sakamuras s says:

    dude, have you heard, atlantic city is DEAD!

  9. Millie Cox says:

    I live at and didn’t know about most of these places. I moved here for work, and haven’t gotten out much. Now i know what i should check out. thanks

  10. husky plays daily says:

    i live in blackwood all my life and ive been to all these places

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