Trip of a Lifetime: New Jersey to Washington in a Porsche Boxster

August 10, 2018

Rudy and Nancy Samsel drove from New Jersey to Spokane, Washington for Porsche Parade 2017, and then drove back — in a 20-year-old Zenith Blue Boxster.

Watch the video to find out more about their Boxster, trip to Spokane, and some of the special memories tied to the car — including what a wedding has anything to do with a time-speed-distance rally.

Be sure to get the full story in the September issue of Porsche Panorama, which will be available for PCA members to read online on September 15 at the following link:

Also, can anyone figure out what their license plate, “NICHT-AG,” means?

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10 thoughts on “Trip of a Lifetime: New Jersey to Washington in a Porsche Boxster

  1. Daniel Willett says:

    What brand of soft top was used to replace the aged top? And the protective cover for the outside of the plastic window?

  2. jon edgar says:

    I have the same car! Zenith blue with Metropole blue roof and interior. Mines a January 99 with 114000 on the clock.
    Hope you enjoy it! Cheers Jon

  3. Total T says:

    Not- A Grandparent?

  4. Stephen Overstreet says:

    Love my Speed Yellow 987 S as well. Only had it 6 months, but I’ve never enjoyed the drive more than in this. It is, BY FAR, the most efficiently designed, packaged, and performing sports car I have ever been in or seen. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous 986 and your lovely story with us!

    BTW, I’m also stumped on the license plate…

  5. peqy says:

    I’m really stumped on AG. Obviously nicht = not, but I cannot figure out what AG stands for. I love my 07 987 Boxster, will keep it around for a long time

    1. says:

      which leaves us wondering, why? … was the license plate “BLAU” already taken??? LOL.

    2. PCAHQ says:

      Alright, for those who’ve been wondering: Nicht AG = “Not Silver”

    3. says:

      maybe means “not work” as in “retired” … AG could stand for Arbeitsgang

  6. No Brakes says:

    Boxster…….the thinkin’ man’s sportscar. Fast enough to have fun, handles like a go- cart, plenty of storage for trips and drop the top and you have an instant vacation.

    1. C Cha says:

      You nailed it!

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