Bigfoot in New Jersey Godfrey’s Bridge trip

This is my intro video along with some really nice footage at the end of the Wharton State Forest. I’ve done a few other short videos however in this one I get more in depth and talk about a sighting that a friend of mine had not long ago.

This is my intro video along with some really nice footage at the end of the Wharton State Forest. I’ve done a few other short videos however in this one I get more in depth and talk about a sighting that a friend of mine had not long ago.

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  1. There is a big possibility of sasquatch in nj. My encounter was in a spot where it is easy to cross a shallow Delaware river to and from Pennsylvania (northern bucks county). The area has a powerline cut nearby making it easy for travel. We heard the woodknocks and answered them, i think we pulled the sasquatch off its migratory course. I suspect it was looking to meet up with others who went before him/her. We heard it make a deep throated kind of sigh/grunt, as if to say “oh crap, they are not one of us” . When i heard the sigh, i though to myself that there aren’t any wild hogs in this part of the United States. It was not a bear, a deer or anything else because you can hear them approach. We heard nothing but the sigh, woodknocks from far off that got closer over an hour or two -from the northeast – from the Delaware river and then we heard the thump of a rock landing just a few feet southwest of our camp. The sigh/grunt was directly east of camp.
    It threw a huge rock, to divert our attention so it could pass us by. The rock was large enough for me to feel the thump in my feet when it hit the ground. Presently we heard more woodknocks on the other side of camp, drawing away to the south. Other than that, we saw and heard no footfall in the surrounding thick brush. There were no other campers around, it was the end of the season on a weeknight. There was NOBODY but us.
    I am going back there in late October, this time ready with a camera, a Flir, a camera drone, sound recorder and some tasty edible offerings. I WILL find proof positive they are here. I think their fur has a quality that renders them almost invisible in certain settings, they have an ability to emit very very low and high frequency sounds, they are swift, quiet of foot, intelligent. I did not believe in them until I had my own experience. I get aggravated with the hoaxers and tv programs that manufacture nothing but bullcrap about sasquatch. I am sure there is a north American bipedal ape. Why isn’t anyone trying to do what Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall did with the gorillas and chimpanzees and habituate these creatures to our presence enough for them to show themselves? so we can get decisive proof they exist without having to kill one?
    And I think anyone that perpetrates a hoax should be sentenced to some jail time.
    Youtube users that hoax should be banned from youtube unless they clearly state it is a hoax before anyone views the videos. Hoaxes damage any credibility to researchers, and that just keeps us in the dark ages rather than making scientific advancement. It was not long ago that gorillas, bonobos and chimps were discovered – and just recently another great ape was discovered. Why not a great ape in north america?
    Showing a video that you think may be a new species – and showing it for research opinion is quite different from filming something you KNOW is a fake.
    So, keep looking. You WILL find evidence, just like I did, and i will keep doing!

    1. mamaboo cee I’m right there with you on about every point you made there and I have to say it’s nice to see someone else take this seriously, and I can tell you definitely do take this seriously. Sounds like you know your way around the woods as well which is great too. I just came back from Browns Mills NJ yesterday where there was a recent sighting that was reported to the BFRO, it was a day hike because of time constraints so we didn’t see much in Browns Mills so we relocated back to Godfreys Bridge where we found several sets of 3 tree bends that were woven into the lower branches of other trees which the wind cannot do so that means either hoaxers with way too much time in their hands or Bigfoot. I’ve heard of sightings in ALLAIR State Park and other areas in North Jersey, which is pretty much right over the Delaware river from my research partners cabin in north eastern PA. I’d really like to get out in North Jersey sometime as well, if you’d like to get in touch with me I’m always interested in getting out in the woods with other like minded Bigfooters to research these creatures. I will leave you my contact info, my e-mail: Cell#:856-236-9177

  2. I live in Monmouth county now and there have been reports from Allair st park Bigfoot sightings. A lot of dear and wild like there

    1. Hey guys I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to the YouTube channel because I’ve been busy working and Squatching when I have time. I’d love to hear any reports you have heard or if anyone wants to get together for some research outings.

    2. Mary Ann Iaeck hmmm, I live in middlesex county and am familiar with most of the wooded areas of NJ. I am working on getting a flir camera, and a camera drone. I am serious about finding and showing proof that sasquatch is real. See my post about my sasquatch experience in the comments above.
      I do believe sasquatch even has a way to pass by unoticed in heavily populated areas. Have you had any encounters?

  3. You do not use apples or fruit to bait Bigfoot. In order to bait Sasquatch, one has to hang “soiled” Tampons from the trees. Also, use children, (one can always lease one from the section8/EBT Black/Latina single mommies); and also use Liberal/Feminist (Gloria Allred, Ashley Judd, etc.) white-women, as “bait”. Second, they like salted fish and they are scared of Beagles because they bark alot.

    1. Nancy Pelosi would be my first pick. Don Lemon from CNN would be second. Third Hillary Clinton. There’s plenty more, but that would take all day!

  4. NJ may be a populated state but the Pine Barrens are 1.1 million acres. Who knows what is out there!

    1. calvinstulip Caucasians? .. The Caucasus is a geographic region with many different ethnic groups, during the Roman Invasion of the Caucasus, the Romans needed 30 or more interpreters in that complex region.

    2. NJ Pine Barrens are INDEED freaky! The stories about that place go waaay back before the arrival of Caucasians in the area.

  5. The reality behind its is , if there are millions of people world wide claiming they saw Bigfoot not all of them are Lieing , there for I believe there is something out there. Unfortunately the public will need to see a body .

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