New Jersey Fall Run Surf Launch #2

Surf launch #1 was a complete waste of time except for some dolphin and whale watching. On this trip, me and a couple buddies finally found a biomass of fish gorging on sand eels. It was pretty hot action on jigs and anything that resembled a sand eel. I was using mostly the new 7″…

Kayak NJ Lak Hopatcong River Styx Cove Paddle Trip 101018

Kayak NJ Lake Hopatcong River Styx Paddle Trip Paddled from Bertrand Isalnd to River Styx Cove. Always a trip paddling the lake and exploring its coves. Lots of old lake bungalows in the cove as well as a mix of newer homes. Spotted a Hawk just past River Styx Bridge. I also encountered a…

new Jersey

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to travel with my fun job of teaching softball. On this trip to work with New Jersey Ruthless I had the opportunity to adventure out and see the jersey shores, the sky line of New York, and Jersey city.