Kayak NJ Lak Hopatcong River Styx Cove Paddle Trip 101018

Kayak NJ Lake Hopatcong River Styx Paddle Trip Paddled from Bertrand Isalnd to River Styx Cove. Always a trip paddling the lake and exploring its coves. Lots of old lake bungalows in the cove as well as a mix of newer homes. Spotted a Hawk just past River Styx Bridge. I also encountered a…

new Jersey

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to travel with my fun job of teaching softball. On this trip to work with New Jersey Ruthless I had the opportunity to adventure out and see the jersey shores, the sky line of New York, and Jersey city.

Ignition | Parkour and Travel

For one last adventure of the summer, four friends took a road trip from New Jersey to Maine. They visited some friends in Maine, then stopped by Boston and NYC on their way home. I wanted to create a video that was more than the average parkour video. The goal was to not only capture…